Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NYX Spring Fling Palette & Swatches

" Promenade in beaming rays of sunshine looking delicately splendid in springtime's favorite pastel hues with NYX's Spring Fling Palette! This colorful palette consists of 12 blossoming eye shadows that are perfect for the season of awakening and enchantment.  This set is complete  with a rosy dual blush set and 2 flushed lip glosses that complement every springtide"  

I recently picked up this palette because I have no self control and it was on sale for $10 (originally $18) on Hautelook.  So in my opinion, it was a steal, right?

As I was navigating my way through the NYX website I found that there was really no page about the founders or their philosophy.  Odd.  The only thing I found about them is:

BE Bold, BE Glamorous. 

So, I received the palette in a box, here is the back:

And once you take it out of the box:

The packaging for this palette is just something I cant get over.  Its adorable!!!  It is made out of a sturdy cardboard with magnets on the top, and a drawer on the bottom.

The Shadows:

A mirror on the inside.  A little small if you ask me.

And once you open the drawer:

You can see the 2 blushes, 2 more eyeshaows, and the lip glosses.

First Impressions: I cannot wait to get my hands on this badboy!  Everything is adorable from the colors to the packaging.  I am not a big fan of lip gloss, and the white eyeshadow in the bottom drawer is odd, but those blushes look like fun.

Lets swatch shall we? 

These don't have names (sigh) so the first set of swatches shall be known as "top left three"

Yup.  This is how they turned out. You cant even see the top left beige color, the white creme shows up a little and the lilac one mostly just looks shiny.  Highly disappointing.

The bottom left three:

WTF?  These show up.  Not only do they show up, they are pretty. 
 The bottom left one is a VERY dark chocolate brown (I thought was black until I swatched). 
The next one is a lovely pink with sparkles (some fallout with the sparkles however).
The Blue is matte and a tad chalky. 

The right side:

 Ok so these ones weren't as bad as the top left ones.
I had a lot of trouble with the bottom right color, no matter how much you put on, you just can't really see it. Shame because its a really pretty coral.
The first swatch is actually light purple.  Would be a nice highlighting color.
Now, the green and yellow are actually very pretty and sheer.  No obvious sparkles, and they are actually a lovely consistency, I cant wait to play around with them.

Now here are the blushes:

and the other 2 eyeshadows:

And the lipglosses:

A swatch of the blushes and eyeshadows:

Ok so these show up and are highly pigmented.
The peachy blush is perfect for me (left) and the next blush can only be described as "barbie doll pink" and I don't think would compliment my skin tone at all.  But both are smooth to apply and only a tad chalky. 

Now, i'm going to assume the white eyeshadow is for contouring but I don't ever think i'll use it for that.  Perhaps we are meant to put this on first so the other colors will show up?
The black eyeshadow is just that.  Black.  Grab an eyeliner brush and some water and I think this would be great as an eyeliner.

Final Impressions:

The quality of this palette is decent.  Nothing extraordinary, nothing horrible.  
It is a little disappointing to see these very bright, pastel colors on the website, and in reality they are very light colors.
The cardboard palette is super cute.

Verdict: 7/10

I gave it a 7 because even though some of the colors didn't show up all that well I did enjoys the other ones.  This palette isn't meant to give you an over-the-top-runway-model-cindy-lauper-esque type of look.  It is more subtle and cutesy.  I wouldn't use many of these shades as an all over color but more of a crease/ brow highlight.  

So what do you think of the palette?    

P.S.  I won a Lancome Luxe Box!!!  I'm super excited!! I entered the Draw Janice over at www.stylesisteronline.com was having!  I'll show you what I got when it comes



  1. congrats on your win!
    and you're right - the packaging is super pretty! too bad the eyeshadows lack pigmentation. the blushes are very nice though :)

  2. The palette is really cute! Definitely love the packaging:D

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  9. This is a really pretty set too bad they aren't more pigmented.