Monday, 25 June 2012

About Me

Hi guys!

I was reading Laura's blog  recently and she had a questionnaire that will allow us to get to know one another.  I thought it was a cute idea.

I'm going to do what she did and TAG anyone that reads this to do it :) 

This one is a little old.

Vital Statistics:
Me: Sarah
Nicknames:  None really but one friend calls me Max Power
Birthday:   May 1st, 1989
Place of Birth:  Edmonton, AB
Zodiac Sign:   Taurus 
Male or Female: Female
Occupation:  Student/Server
Residence:   With my man
Screen Name:   ?? I don't think I have one....

Hair Colour:  Strawberry blonde/ red
Hair Length:   At the longest part its right below the bra-line at the back  
Eye colour:   Grey/blue
Best Feature:   Eyes perhaps?
Height:  Almost 5'5
Braces?:   I went through that particular hell yes.  Got them off when I was 13/14ish
Glasses?:   Yes I wear them everyday
Piercing:  Both ears and my belly button
Tattoos:   Nope
Righty or Lefty: Right

Your 'Firsts':
First best friend:  Sarah.  We lived next door  
First Award:  Top instructor (I was an air cadet) 
First Sport You Joined:  Volleyball  
First Real Vacation:  DISNEYLAND!! I was 14
First Concert:  Avril Lavine (don't judge)
First Love:  I was 18.  I was never one much for boyfriends in high school.

Movie:  Gone With The Wind.  Classic.
TV Show:   True Blood
Colours:   Red
Song:   Melissa Etheridge - I'm the only one
Candy:  Chocolate almonds or turtles
Restaurant:  Anywhere I can eat eggs benedict for dinner.
Store:  Sephora and Walmart 
School:   My school?
Book:  Outlander - Diana Gabaldon 
Magazine:  Cosmopolitan 
Shoes:  My Nike dunks are around 10 years old I believe.  I sill get compliments on them.

Feeling:  Snotty (waiting for the Claritin to kick in)
Single or Taken: Taken
Eating: Nothing.  Drinking coffee
Typing:   These answers.
Online:   Yes
Listening To:   Nothing
Thinking About: This
Wanting:   To win the lottery.  Would solve so many problems.
Watching:   Nothing
Wearing:   My Coke P.J's and a tank top..

Want Children?:   Absolutely
Want to be Married:   Got to do it once for sure.
Careers in Mind:   Psychologist, Biologist, Nurse extraordinaire!  (i've changed my mind a few times)
Where do you want to live?:  Never thought of it much.  But I live in the nicest part of Canada in my opinion :)

Have you ever:
Kissed a Stranger:  Yes.
Had Alcohol:   Yes
Smoked:   Yes.
Ran Away From Home:  No.
Broken a bone:   Yes.  My finger, a toe, no big deal.
Got an X-ray:   Yes.
Broken Someone's Heart:  I hope not but maybe.
Broke Up With Someone: Yes.
Cried When Someone Died:   Yes.
Cried At School:  Yes.

Do You Believe In:
God:   No.
Miracles:  No.  I believe in science.  Maybe coincidents 
Love At First sight:   Nah.
Ghosts: No
Aliens:   Absolutely.  There has to be something else out there!
Soul Mates:   I think someone can have more than one.
Heaven: No
Hell: No
Kissing on The First Date:  Absolutely.  
Yourself:   Absolutely.  I`m very pleased with where I am in life right now.

Me and Riley when he has a baby

So now that I have shared a little about myself its your turn!  I think it is a nice idea.


  1. your kitty is adorable!!! I wish I have one too!!!! I'm sure it makes me melt

  2. i need to catch up on true blood! found you through the hop, following ;)

  3. so interesting to read about fellow bloggers! that is a list of questions and answers! i don't know if I have ever actually met a person who didn't believe in God....
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    Riley is cute!

  4. Hi Sarah! I have something for you. Just go to the link below:

  5. You look so cute in the first picture!^^ Found you on bloghop by the way:))