Friday, 23 November 2012

Black Friday Sephora & Bath and Body Works Haul

Hi Ladies!

No you are not seeing things, yes I had to write a post as it has been almost a month!
I have been having a serious tough time of it at school lately and things are finally starting to slow down for me.

And what did I do with my newly found spare time?

Why its black friday of course! (Canada style)

I don't remember there being this many sales last year as black friday is sort of an American tradition (we have boxing day) but I'm not complaining.

Now I'm not sure if you have been following Sephora on twitter or Facebook but there has been a whole lot of talk about their 12$ wonder sale.

It started at midnight EST online (and in some stores) and there were about 15ish products for you to choose from for only 12$ each ($10US).

As you would expect their servers crashed and us Canadians weren't able to get in to the website.

But alas, I looked up my local Sephora and it opened at a resonable time of 10am.  So I woke up this morning and headed over to wait in line at 9:40.

Here is what I got: 

Friday, 19 October 2012

My Name is Sarah and I am a Julep-Aholic

October Maven: Maven's Choice Box & September Mystery Box

Why hello dear readers!

Today I am delighted and slightly horrified to bring you my recent Julep boxes that I have been putting off for far too long.

I recently just finished my midterms and have a week or two before the next onslaught of exams and paper writing.  No rest for the wicked! 

Except for today.  I decided to take the night off of work (I work weekends in a bar) to claim a day of sanity.  Now what keeps me sane you ask? writing in my blog!

While I was pondering what to do with my first weeknight off in months, I decided to bust out the camera and write a few posts today.

To begin, the October Julep Maven box:

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Illamasqua "Rubber Effects" Nail Varnish in Prosperity

Oh Hai There!

Tonight I am delighted to introduce you to a brand of nail polish and cosmetics I could not resist the other day while in Sephora.


Meaning, "self-expression"

Which is as accurate of a statement as you can get when first browsing around on their website.  I was mystified and enthralled by the fantastic colors and intense pigments that lined the nail polish, eye shadow palettes and lipstick's (oh my!)

Illamasqua draws their roots from the theatre and film scene of 1920's Berlin (where professional makeup was born) and promotes fundamentals such as  

Expressing your inner-self
freedom of expression 
embracing imperfections 

and to top it all off is against animal testing.

May I have one of everything please?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Praise for GlossyBox September (Canada)

Good Morning Ladies,

I thought I would do a quick post today to let you all know I am alive.

Man alive, I have so many posts I want to write about but just haven't had the time to sit down and do them!  I'm sorry I missed the August Glossybox post but by the time I was ready to write that one I got a shipping notification for the September box!

Go figure.

I am still in the process of trying to figure out how to balance life, school, and blog.  School being the particular offender for time-eating.

If I ever figure out that magical balance equation I will let you know. 

I received the September edition Glossybox last week (IN September, way to go glossybox!) and was pleasantly surprised by its contents.  They went a step beyond all other box companies and included something extra special.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Urban Decay Vegan Palette Review & Swatches

Oh Hi Ladies!

Today I am very excited to tell you about my latest purchase: The Urban Decay vegan palette.  

This was a limited edition set, that was released in 2010 (I believe) and they are discontinuing it so I got it on a Haute Look Sale for $12 however is a girl to resist? 

This is called the Vegan Palette because Urban Decay is one of the few companies that can boast all vegan ingredients in their products and cruelty-free/ no animal testing on their products.

In fact, their products are certified by both Leaping Bunny AND PETA for cruelty free products. 

To go even farther, the ink used for the packaging is soy ink, and is made from 96% recycled parts.

Urban Decay, I am already in love with your bold colors and beautiful packaging you didn't need to go this far to impress me.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Shoppers Drug Mart is Having a Sale!!!!!!

Oh hai there,

It appears that I have been a bad blogger lately and I promise to try my best to get back to regular posts as soon as I can figure out how to balance this, work, and school (good luck to me)

But I just wanted to give you a quick share on my recent Shoppers haul.

I had $60 worth of my optimum points saved up so I went in, intending purchase my foundation ($32) and perhaps another Benefit Blush ($38)

I dont mind paying the extra $10 + Tax on what I would consider essentials.

Boy was I in for a treat!

Heres what I got:

Thursday, 13 September 2012

September Julep Maven - Bombshell

Oh hi there!

So this month I was tempted yet again, to purchase, yet another, Maven box.  Every month I always tell myself that I will skip.

Alas, every month my resolve fails.

I decided to switch things up.  I usually fall for the "Classic with a Twist" colors but this month I was drawn to the bright and happy shades of the "Bombshell"

Now, this month julep teamed up with Uber designer Trina Turk.  She was inspired by the German Bauhaus movement and an artist by the name of Sonia Delauney.  

The best I have been able to research about the Bauhaus movement, is that it is a type of architecture that became popular in the early 1930's.  The basic principles are flat roofs, smooth facades, and cubic shapes. Colors are white, gray, beige, or black.

Best I figure, Sonia Delauney enjoys bright, vibrant colors, because the concept of Bauhas style is white/grey/beige and this is a pretty fantastic line up of colors.