Thursday, 13 September 2012

September Julep Maven - Bombshell

Oh hi there!

So this month I was tempted yet again, to purchase, yet another, Maven box.  Every month I always tell myself that I will skip.

Alas, every month my resolve fails.

I decided to switch things up.  I usually fall for the "Classic with a Twist" colors but this month I was drawn to the bright and happy shades of the "Bombshell"

Now, this month julep teamed up with Uber designer Trina Turk.  She was inspired by the German Bauhaus movement and an artist by the name of Sonia Delauney.  

The best I have been able to research about the Bauhaus movement, is that it is a type of architecture that became popular in the early 1930's.  The basic principles are flat roofs, smooth facades, and cubic shapes. Colors are white, gray, beige, or black.

Best I figure, Sonia Delauney enjoys bright, vibrant colors, because the concept of Bauhas style is white/grey/beige and this is a pretty fantastic line up of colors.

Taking a dive into the box revealed a very cute polka dot bag (as opposed the regular, flat colored ones) and a blue ribbon.

We also have your usual info on the goods.  But we all got a magnet of a sketch by Trina Turk, involving our style colors.  Cute idea.

Inside we have Julep's newest product: Mascara! I have to applaud Julep for stepping outside the box as they begin to delve into a world that isn't only about nail/hand products.


Retro dijon yellow creme.

Now I have yet to dry this but it is a seriously fascinating color.  Leave it to me to ignore the fact that it did say "Dijon" as in mustard.  I was expecting a brighter, yellowey creme.  Silly me.  I am not entirely thrilled with this, but you never know if you will like it until you try it on!

Here is the picture from the website:

Is it just me or does it look brighter? lol.


Electric blue topaz creme.

This really decided the box for me.  I am soooo in love, it is so pretty.  I am wearing it now and I can tell you that it applied like a dream and was opaque in one coat (perfect for nail art enthusiasts) but I used 2 in the swatches:

Natural Light
Artificial Light
Julep American Beauty Volumizing Mascara

The lash growth formula and the microfiber wand will separate, lengthen, and condition each individual lash, making your lashes look full and long while helping protect them against any damage and/or breakage.

Now I was really looking forward to giving this a shot but I will tell you now that it isn't the mascara for me.  I have thin, long eyelashes so I need something that will volumize.  This did not do the job it said it would on the bottle.

Plus, there are actual microfibres in there that are really painful if you get in your eye (haha, NOT Julep's fault)

The wand is PLASTIC, so right away I knew I wouldn't like it as much

Without mascara

With Mascara.

Now as you can see, my eyelashes look just fine.  I easily went the whole day with no problems or flaking.  It IS a great formula, just not for me.  In order for it to have the sort of volumizing effect I want, the wand would need to be bristle based and not plastic, the Lancome and Dior mascaras are the top I have found in volumizing effects.

I also received Gunta as my add-on but it is still sitting in the plastic wrapper because it arrived a full week after I got the box.  So no pictures.

Its the blue one:

So there you have it folks, the september box, a little late I know.  School takes some time to settle down into. 

If you would like to try out Julep Maven but think that $19.99 is a little pricey, 
1. Click HERE
2. Fill out the style questionnaire
3. when you check out use code: COLOR2012 
4. Enjoy an intro box for A PENNY!

Also for those of you with Pinterest, I have participated in the "Create Your own Color" challenge and I would appreciate it if you would Please follow my board:

I would like to see a nice Dark Charcoal Grey Jelly.  Julep has no jellies.

If you have created a board as well leave me your link and I will check them out!

Hope everyones week is going smoothly, and those of you that just got back to school (like me), are adjusting well.

<3 Sarah 


  1. Fantastic, I just used your code to sign up! I'm excited to try it out!

  2. I've been wanting to try one of these boxes. Those polishes actually look good together!

    I've nominated you for a blog award xoxo


  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with Julep. Are you loving your newest polishes?

    Julep Maven Team
    Check out our blog:

  4. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  5. I'm the same with mascara, I need volume, not length. I skipped this month because none of the colours really appealed to me, but that's what I love about Julep Maven. I'm glad I wasn't stuck with products I won't use.