Thursday, 20 September 2012

Urban Decay Vegan Palette Review & Swatches

Oh Hi Ladies!

Today I am very excited to tell you about my latest purchase: The Urban Decay vegan palette.  

This was a limited edition set, that was released in 2010 (I believe) and they are discontinuing it so I got it on a Haute Look Sale for $12 however is a girl to resist? 

This is called the Vegan Palette because Urban Decay is one of the few companies that can boast all vegan ingredients in their products and cruelty-free/ no animal testing on their products.

In fact, their products are certified by both Leaping Bunny AND PETA for cruelty free products. 

To go even farther, the ink used for the packaging is soy ink, and is made from 96% recycled parts.

Urban Decay, I am already in love with your bold colors and beautiful packaging you didn't need to go this far to impress me.

Lets get on with it shall we?  This palette retails for $36 but as I said above I got it on sale for an astounding $12.

It includes:
- SIX of their best-selling vegan eyeshadows 
- 24/7 Eyeliner in ZERO
- A travel size of the cult classic Primer Potion with a twist

The front: adorable animals with the phrase "We don't do animal testing.... How could anyone?"

The Back:

Inside is a cute mirror, the 6 shadows and a space for the 24/7 eyeliner

A closer look at the shadows:

The colors are just PHENOMENAL!  as with all Urban Decay products (in my entirely biased opinion )

I really enjoy the packaging on this palette.  Nice, study cardboard with a magnet that holds everything in place so you can feel secure about your shadows not falling out.

However, it is the extra, small details that make the packaging so unique.  Particularly, how each shadow in named in a unique font and color and if you look close enough, you can make out dozens of animals.

Lets take a look at the swatches:

Artificial Light
  Minx: Shimmering aqua green with shimmer

Urb: Soft shimmer olive green

Gunmetal: Blue toned grey/black 
Natural Light

Bottom Row:

Artificial Light 

Twice Baked: Dark chocolate brown 

Smog: Shimmering bronze/copper 

Half Baked: Lightened copper

Natural Light

Primer Potion

Color: Sin - A burnt champagne shimmer base

24/7 Eyeliner

Color: Zero- Jet Black

Overall, I am really enjoying playing around with my new palette!!  My few concerns:

4/6 shades have some serious sparkle.  I like a bitt of pizazz with my eyeshadows but some people can't stand it.  Also the sparkle fallout is intense. Cover your cheek with your hand when you are applying or your whole face will be glittery! 

Minx, looks the prettiest in the palette, but is the least pigmented.  Still pretty though.

My favourite colours: Urb and Half Baked!

So as you can probably tell I am giddy with enjoyment.

Oh, I forgot to mention, because there was so much on sale, I also got this:

Image from Google.

9 shades, $12 = over the moon.

I now own 4 Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, its getting ridiculous.  I'll post a review and swatches of the Skull Palette later on this month!

What did you think of this palette? Not for you? Bummed you cant get it anymore?

<3 Sarah


  1. WOW $12, what a steal, is it still going on?

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Sadly no. If you subscribe to their email it reminds you to check the sales everyday ;)

  2. nice! i like to browse hautelook all the time, but then the shipping and handling plus some other surcharge tends to put my browsing to a stop.
    i have yet to try an urban decay eyeshadow but they look amazing! i'd love to try their oh-so-very-famous primer too :)

  3. When I first saw the picture of the colours in the palette I didn't really like the blues and the greens, but once I saw the swatches I totally changed my mind! I love the shimmery tones of these and how amazing the colours look! Fantastic review.
    Claire x

  4. I love the deals on the site, but after they add the shipping and duty fees, I don't feel like I'm receiving much of a deal. :(

  5. i got this palette too but on urban decay's website. i absolutely love the beautiful colors.

  6. This seems like such a good deal! I'm very jealous x

  7. Half baked seems like a nice shade, and you scored yourself a great deal on this!

  8. I had noticed this palette few days back and UD is definitely amazing more so because they don't test on animals:)

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  9. I love Urban Decay! They're definitely the best eyeshadows out there! Thanks for the swatches!

    Stopping by from the blog hop! I'm your newest follower :)

  10. Great deal on that palette!

  11. I haven't tried their shadows! They look beautiful.
    I'm a new follower from blog hop.