Friday, 7 September 2012

Fall Luxe Box by Loose Button (Picture Heavy!!)

Good Afternoon!

I am very pleased and excited to show you all the new and re-vamped Luxe Box!

I'm going to start off by being truthful with you, I was recently given a spot to join TopBox and receive my first box in October.  When I found out Loose Button was only going to be putting out 4 boxes a year (seasonal) instead of 12 (monthly), I hadn't been that impressed with them.

In fact, I hadn't been that impressed for a few months prior to the announcement.  It seemed like their boxes were going downhill.  I decided to stay for one box and then decide if I wanted to jump ship to topbox. 

I have been a loyal customer since June 2011 so I figured I should give them the benefit of the doubt.    

The first noticeable difference you can see right away is that they re-vamped the boxes!

Lets take a tour of their progress:

First Box Design, April 2011

Remember these? they used to be sent in a bubble mailer lol.

Second Box Design, October 2011

This is when they were beginning to grow in popularity I believe so the boxes got a facelift.  They are super cute and make excellent drawers.

Third Box Design, August 2012

The new box is SPECTACULAR!  It is sleek and genius, and the best par it that it is made out of a thick, sturdy cardboard for the first time.

Here is a size comparison to Glossy and Julep:

A pretty sleek white box.

Lets see whats inside:

The first thing you notice about the new design is the lack of that crinkly black paper everyone seems so fond of.  Instead, there is this nice white cloth (probably made to look like silk).  This is a seriously elegant touch and no more crinkle paper!

The logo printed in gold on brown inside the lid.

The goodies are hiding! (or sleeping)

The new product card.  Gold emblem instead of black.

And my initial!  Cute touch guys.

The new info card.  A little awkward but pretty.

Now on to the good stuff:

Haha that white cloth makes the pictures come out great.

First thing I gravitated towards:

Eyeko - Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

Full Size: $15
Sample Size: FULL SIZE

A precise, accentuating liquid eyeliner that will help you create the look you want without any smudges .

I must give them that, it really doesn't smudge and applies like a dream.  I wear eyeliner everyday and this one is pretty killer.

One of these days I will pitt this one vs my Lancome Artliner and see who wins....

Its so  precise it writes like a marker. 

Benefit - Stay Don't Stray Primer

Full Size: $26 for 30ml (approx)
Sample Size: 2.5ml for $2.88

A dual action primer that works 360 around your eyes to help your concealer and eyeshadow stay all day.

I have heard wondrous, marvellous things about this primer.  And anything by benefit is ok in my book.  I like that it has a natural base color to it.  It is also an adorable sample because it has this teeny little sponge applicator:

Madonna - Truth or Dare Eau de Parfum

Full Size: $40 for 50ml
Sample Size: 3ml for $2.40

Let this contemporary and sexy scent take you on a whole new floral journey.

AAAAAAH!  Good god this smells HORRIBLE.
It might just be the right scent for someone else but personally I can't stand the smell.  But loose button is heading in the right direction as it is a decent sample size.

I'm a little jealous because other girls got adorable mini versions of the perfume bottles and I got that.

China Glaze : On Safari Collection in Elephant Walk

Full Size: 14ml for $8
Sample Size: Full Size

Step into the fall season with China Glaze's newest "On Safari" collection.  Rock these colors on your nails to complete your new fall look.

This is a lovely shade of grey and I don't own anything quite like it.  It is a perfect shade for fall and will match with any outfit.  I can't wait to try it out.

Oh and its my first China Glaze polish! Exciting!

KMS - Add Volume Volumizing Spray

Full Size: $17 for 200ml
Sample Size: 30ml for $2.55

Spray this weightless conditioner to your damp hair to add up to 70% fullness and volume.

I wonder if they are finally reading the beauty profiles because I always state that I have very fine, limp hair and this is supposed to fix that!  Well done, loose button, well done.

And it smells lovely!

Now inside we also have these cute little boxes:

Inside the first one:

Loose Button - Exfoliating Pad

Every girl could use one of these!

And the second one:

Vichy ProEven Daily Dark Spot Corrector

Full Size: $43.50 for 30ml
Sample Size: 1.5ml (X5) 7.5ml for $10.90

Even out your skin tone, wipe out those dark spots, and reveal your flawless radiance.  Each sample provided gives you one to two uses, giving you up to two weeks to try and see the results.

What a great idea!  Instead of throwing a bunch of ugly packet samples into the box they put them in a cuter box!  I'll give this a shot for sure.  We got a decent amount of product.

So there you have it ladies, the first fall luxe box.

I am going to admit now I am SO happy about this box.  The re-vamped packaging and adorable personal touches literally scream LUXE.

I'm so impressed by the complete 360 Loose Button took and I'm happy they did.  I definitely wont be leaving any time soon because I keep looking at this box and it makes me happy

The one small downer is that I can't have this EVERY MONTH haha.

But lets face it ladies, 

we all are becoming HOARDERS who probably have WAY to many products,

So loose button is actually doing us a favour 

by giving us bigger, better, and higher quality products 

that we can look forward too every THREE months

so that our stash wont grow as EXPONENTIALLY 

as it has in the past    


P.S any ideas on what I should do with this?



  1. Great box!! I hope I get the vichy samples, I got them before from Shoppers and I loved the cream. I also hope I get the don't stray haha:D

    1. Yes I have been meaning to try the stay don't stray for a while now. The only reason why I haven't is because I have had the same bottle of Urban Decay primer potion for almost a year now

  2. I saw loose button say in one of their comments that the cloth makes a nice mat for your brushes when doing your make up =)
    Still waiting for my box! Love yours!

  3. We have the exact same box! I loved the extra touches as well. You've been with Loose Button pretty much since they started in May 2011 then! I only started with them in October of last year, but I love the changes they've made. Hopefully they can keep it up!

    1. I know I have been with them since (almost) the beginning. the only reason I didn't get the first April box is because they put me on a wait list.

      Its also probably why I feel so loyal to them :)

      Let me know when your post is up!

  4. I am glad you like the box you received! I am enjoying looking at all the reviews from Luxebox! However, I don't think I will sign up. I spend the same amount every month to get two beauty boxes (topbox and glossybox) and I think that is a better value for me and suits my needs more, even if it costs 3x more than getting a box every three months :P

    1. Yes I also had a tough choice, Its hard to say no to topbox because I was on the wait list for months. I just don't want to be spending any more money on these boxes anymore lol. Maybe I'll give topbox a few months before I cancel......

  5. WOWO this box looks fancy :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. the nailpolish colour looks great!

    followed you~ xx

  7. China Glaze Elephant Walk is so pretty!!

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  9. I was only with Luxebox for a couple of months before the announced the switch but they didn't leave me with the greatest impression so I didn't switch to the seasonal. They do seem to have stepped it up a bit, but I find the price a bit too high and I really like the monthly format.

  10. Wow i love this. U got me on boxes. I love subscription box.

    Anyway, i found you on beauty hop, follow you :) pls be kindly as to follow back? I love to read all my beauty bloggers post. Addicted, oh yes i am. Thanks so much. Can't wait to see your next post.