Friday, 19 October 2012

My Name is Sarah and I am a Julep-Aholic

October Maven: Maven's Choice Box & September Mystery Box

Why hello dear readers!

Today I am delighted and slightly horrified to bring you my recent Julep boxes that I have been putting off for far too long.

I recently just finished my midterms and have a week or two before the next onslaught of exams and paper writing.  No rest for the wicked! 

Except for today.  I decided to take the night off of work (I work weekends in a bar) to claim a day of sanity.  Now what keeps me sane you ask? writing in my blog!

While I was pondering what to do with my first weeknight off in months, I decided to bust out the camera and write a few posts today.

To begin, the October Julep Maven box:

For October, Julep decided they would bring out a line of Halloween themed crackles.  Yes crackles.  I am in no way fond of the crackle look (just a personal opinion) so I was all set to skip the month.

I wasn't the only Maven who wan't looking forward to crackle so they pulled together a new box for us: Maven Choice!  Good call Julep, good call.

How wonderful!  Candy corn, nail polish, and glitter, oh my!

Please note I am eating the candy corn and typing at the same time.  Yes I am quite the talented vixen.

This month they included glitter pots! How fun!  I got an orange and a black one.  I will certainly try this out soon.


Deep merlot red creme

My favourite!  I simply had to put it on right away!

*Note: you need 3 coats for this polish and I only used 2, which is why it's a little splotchy.


Smokey indigo blue creme.

This picture is much lighter for some reason than in person.  Haven't used it yet but i am also in love!


Warm pebble grey creme

a nice ol' faithful neutral.  I kept it in the plastic as I'm not sure if I want to keep it yet..

The Add-On's 

This month, Julep's product was quick dry polish drops and I really wanted to try them!

I must say they work wonderfully well.  You out one (or 2) drops on the nail 60 seconds after you put your top coat on, it sort of makes your fingers really cold BUT IT WORKS.  I was skeptical, but now am a believer. 

I also absolutely had to have Sophia. Because it glows in the dark!  No joke, i tried it out.  Good Halloween choice.  I think this will get its own post.

Julep September Polish Lovers Mystery Box

Or was this in August? no it was September.  I think?

Anyways yes, this is a double haul as I have been a busy bee student.  When they came out with this line of Mystery boxes you had a choice between Polish Lover or Product Lover.  

Since I have so many products, I went for Polish Lover all the way!

This box included 4 polishes and another one of their tote bags (which I haul around with my everyday at school).  The amazing part?

Not a single duplicate!  With my vast nail polish collection, this is nothing short of a minor miracle.

Lets start with that yellow on the left.  It looks radioactive in this picture.

Mystery Yellow

This is a mystery color so Julep has no name or description.  For this post's purposes I shall call this Tweety.  Yes like the bird. 

This is a true yellow with a bit of shimmer in it so not quite a creme .

I got so many compliments when I wore this because you can see it from a mile away!
*Tip: put a white base coat underneath, I did.


Cantaloupe melon creme.


Spring lilac creme


Sophisticated shimmery gold.

Well there you have it folks.  I don't know if you were keeping score but I have 8 new nail polishes lol. I'm pretty sure I won't keep all of them as Christmas will be coming sooner than you think and I have 2 sisters.

But doesn't this picture just make your heart melt? I'm loving it

So have I converted anyone to a Julep believer? each one of these boxes costs $19.99 (which is cheaper  than Glossy now BTW) 

and if you would like to try it out for yourself please use my referral link: 

Fill out your beauty questionnaire to get a style profile (you can always switch it later)

and use code PENNY or COLOR2012 to get your first fox for a penny (+ $3.99 for shipping) 

So which one is your favourite? mine is Keira.  Have a great weekend!

<3 Sarah

P.S.  I was finally taken off the Topbox wait list so I will post again later today!

P.P.S: I ordered Sophia without realizing I already owned one. Julep never told me it GLOWED in the dark when it came in a previous mystery box!

Since I am almost at 200 followers (yay me!) I'll do a giveaway (I have something in mind) and just sweeten the pot with one of these.  


  1. How funny that you had a glow in the dark polish without knowing it. Kind of sucks for you to have a second one but a big yay for your readers!

    I LOVE Sienna which I got as an add-on the other month and I have been eyeing Sasha for many months but just have not taken the plunge. I got the products mystery box for myself but seeing Sasha in the polish lovers almost makes me wish I'd gone for it.

    Great Julep haul! :)

    *Can I also take a few words to let you know of my giveaway happening now on my blog? Drop by if you want to enter!*

  2. There are some great colours there!
    I signed up for Julep and got my first box for a penny, but one of the polishes broke during shipment and it was everyyyyyywhere! Turned me right off, but in any case I was thinking about signing up for one of their mystery boxes when they come out!

  3. The colors do look lovely! I love seeing polishes all piled together, it looks so nice! Haha.

  4. Loved this haul of Julep products... which polishes do you absolute love out the of eight? (And "Tweety" looks ah-mazing on you!)

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    check out our blog:

  5. Julep is great , however, I just find that they're expesive.

    New follower, Follow back?

  6. Lovee those boxes!

  7. How awesome! :) I am really close to the 100 mark with Julep so I'm really uncomfortable ordering mystery boxes and such at this point!