Thursday, 31 May 2012

May Luxe Box by Loose Button

Hello All,

Yesterday I finally received my May Luxe Box by loose button in the mail!  I was very happy to see it but a little miffed that I never even received a tracking number (lets blame Canada post for that one)

But lets blame loose button for not even giving us an update on when the boxes will ship.  I got no email and they did not update us through the month on the status of the boxes.  They also disabled the wall on Facebook because so many people were posting nasty comments on it (about shipping problems, no responses when emailing....) I personally think that was a bad move but hey I'm just one person.

So this box is my 11th (yes 11th) box from loose button.  I got a one year subscription last year and it is almost up and I am officially on the wait list for topbox.  I dont know if I would ever switch or not but its nice to have the option.  I think I need to switch to monthly billing before Loose Button charges me $120 next month.  

Anyhoo enough of my rant do you want to see what I got?  I cheated and looked at fellow bloggers to see what they got and it seems everyone got something different (even me).

Lets start off with the most obvious difference between this month and previous months:

We got two boxes!  One said it was the "Bath and Body" box (white one) along with the regular black one.

Lets open up the black one:

Made for me? So cute.

And the usual fliers ..... Blah... Blah..... Blah..    Oh! $20 off Panty by Post I may use that.......

And a description of whats in the box:  I do enjoy the new layout they finally settled on

And the contents:

First Impressions: Hmmmm...... not exactly overwhelmed with excitement but lets take a closer look.

1. KMS California- Free Shape Hot Flex Creme

Full Size: 150ml for $20
Sample Size: 3X 5ml for $2 
Transforms coarse or unruly hair types, and provides versatile, smooth styles.  It provides lasting style for even the most style-resistant hair.  Provides heat protection, anti-breakage, and humidity resistance. 

My Thoughts: No one likes getting flimsy one-use samples in the mail so thank you for sending a couple to really get a feel for the product.  That being said, I never style my hair so I don't know how often I would use this (I'm more of a wash it and let it air-dry person).  But I will definitely try this, I just have to dig out my hair dryer....

2. Orlane - Absolute Skin Recovery Repairing Night Cream

Full Size: 50ml for $305
Sample Size: 3.5ml for $21.35
From the forefront of anti-aging research, this absolute skin repair treatment activates cellular self-repair mechanisms during the night to erase the signs of aging and fatigue. It leaves skin with a viable difference in all the signs of aging.  The complexion is glowing, the skin appears smother and rested, and the face appears distinctly younger.

My Thoughts: Boy that's a lot of promises for a 305 dollar cream!! Holy crap.  I'm only 23 so I don't need any anti-aging products but if something sells for that much you bet your butts I'll be using it!  The dinky little sample size alone is around $20.  Tell you what, I already know I look like an 18 year old so I will let you know if it makes me look like I'm 14 ok?

3. Loose Button Myscent

1. PRADA Candy: Full Size is 50ml for $96
Sample Size: 1.2ml $2.30

2. MARC JACOBS Daisy: Full size is 75ml for $85
Sample Size: 1.2ml for $1.36

3. CK Shock: Full Size is 50ml for $40
Sample Size: 1.2ml for $0.96

Take a look at the collection of scents we have put together just for you.  From sweet to sultry to elegant, we are sure you'll find a perfect scent for whatever occasion you may have.  Take your pick for the day and have fun with it!

My Thoughts: I loooooove getting perfume samples in these boxes!!  I swear I may have one for every day of the month and I love it.  I think the myscent program is Loose Buttons way of correcting the complaints they were getting when they were only sending one little vial in the boxes (similar to the packets as reported above).  Now, the Prada Candy is a 3rd repeat but I'm OK with that because I really like it and its too expensive to buy.  The other 2 smell awesome and I will definitely wear!

4. Cargo - Lash Activator Mini Duo

Full Size retails for $15
Sample Size: FULL SIZE
Included in this bundle is a mini sized version of the new LashActivator Night as well as the original LashActivator Mascara.  This convenient combo is the perfect introduction - or travel size - for women who want the longest, sexiest lashes.  LashActivator Night can be worn nightly as a lash enhancing elixir or daily as a volumizing primer.  When these two products are used together daily, women will see visibly longer, thicker lashes in as little as 15 days. 

My Thoughts: I didn't really want to try this out because it looked like someone had opened the box when I got it (you know how you can tell).  The mascara was really thick and the primer looked old too with some of the product crusted around the tube:

What i'm thinking is I must have gotten an old product that was lying around the where-house, one of the staff must have opened it and figured it was "good-enough".  I'm not going to chance it.  Not happy.

Oh well you win some you loose some! On to the white "Bath and Body" box and there was really only 2 items in it and no product information whatsoever.

5. Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex

Full Size: 50ml for $30
Sample Size: 7ml for $4.20

My Thoughts: Odd how there was no product information about this.  But I figured I already kept one wrinkle cream from the box so this one went to momma.  This is also a repeat product and she got it last time too.  Apparently this came in the recent P&G brandsampler packs, which is why they probably put it in another box labeled "Bath and Body" lol cracks me up Loose Button.

6. Venus & Olay Razor

 Full Size: Usually retails for?? I'm going to say around 10$

My Thoughts: SCORE. free razors thank you very much.  Every girl could use a new razor, that stuff is expensive.  This is one of the fancy ones where you don't need any shaving creme.  SCORE TWICE.
But again apparently this also came in the recent P&G BrandSampler (which you can get for FREE by the way) And isn't P&G one of loose buttons new partners?......

Not very Luxe are they?

Now don't get me wrong, I love getting the P&G BrandSampler packs as much as the next girl (In fact I once didn't buy Razors for months because I got so many free from them) but those are free products and I don't want them in the box I paid for.

Here is everyone lined up in order!

Overall Value of the Box: $57.17
Total I paid for the box: $12.00

So, as you can see you definitely get your moneys worth with these boxes.  And despite my sometimes negative comments about Loose Button I LOVE them!! I think its because I've been a member for almost a year now and I am a hardcore loyalist so I don't think I will ever ditch them.  You can tell that they are trying  (even when they fail lol).

So do you want a box of your own?  Sign up for $12/month or $120/year 
there is currently a waitlist but you can sign up at  (the referral program STILL isn't working)

Thanks for reading! Feel free to hit the "follow" button on the right there everybody it helps my ego. (haha)


P.S. Loose Button sent us wildflower seeds in the March box here is how mine are doing:

They are getting there!!
P.P.S. the pot is cute right? I got it at dollarama for $1.25!


  1. Thanks for the post! I enjoy reading about these box surprises! I used Orlane before and loved it! I agree the Cargo mascara base looks yucky with residue on the side...can they exchange a new one for you?

    1. I don't know if they would replace it or not the current wait for a reply to an email is around 3 weeks I think! I'll give it a shot

      Overall a pretty good box though you cant really go wrong with 12 bucks a month right?

  2. I got mine on Tuesday ...

    Thanks for reminding me that I haven't planted the seeds yet.

  3. aww how cute are your little seedlings? I love that.
    You like getting perfume samples? I absolutely hate it!! I am picky with scents and only like the ones I like so basically perfume samples are garbage to me. However you got a sample of my every day scent, Candy by Prada !! hope you like it:)

    1. yea I like having the choice! sometimes I will hand 2 or 3 of them to my boyfriend and ask him to pick one lol he enjoys it!

      And I think the Prada Candy is probably my favorite. In November I got the hand lotion too and fell in love

    2. Prada Candy is my favorite too! It makes me feel so fancy LOL.

  4. wow you have been subscribed for quite some time!! it looks like everyone's boxes were different. really sucks about the Cargo duo though. and i knew Orlane products were pricey but $305 is just astonishing!
    thanks for the photo on your seeds too! it's so cute :)

    1. yea I hope I don't like it too much! and im really enjoying trying to grow something I have never had the green thumb so to speak so I really hope they don't die on me!

  5. I signed up for a year soo I'm going to give Loose Button a year with my business. I do like your box.. I think its better than mine.. I like the Cargo eye duo mascara.. but ya would never use a product that's already been used.. that's odd! I LOVE getting to try free razors too!

    Started following you.. will you follow back? :)

    1. Thanks for reading!

      I will definitely follow back :)

  6. Omg! Look at your seeds! I wasn't pleased with my Cargo LashActivator either...following you now too!

  7. Heyyy Sarah! I agree with you, as much as I love loose Button sometimes I feel disappointed. This month I didn't experience that WOW factor..instead some of my items were repeats:( Not trying to be mean but were looking for Deluxe samples, that's what they claim to give out..but it doesn't always seem that way.

    Thanks for following!

  8. I got a very similar box as yours. When I saw the Orlane night repair cream, I was excited. But the price of that tiny little tube is $21.35? I used that little tube up in 2 nights and it's gone. I don't see any difference whatsoever, disappointed to say. I got the P& G sampler box and I got the Olay Regenerist for free. So this is my last month with Loose Button.

    Just found your blog through blog hop, following you :)

  9. Loose button looks fun to receive!! I love the razor! I received it several months ago and even did a review of it on my website!

    I found you on blog hop and hope you can swing by to check out my blog too!!


    Ree - check out current giveaways!

  10. Olá Sarah! Eu me chamo Fernanda e sou do Brasil. Não conhecia essa caixa e não temos dela aqui no Brasil. Achei que veio bem cheia de amostras. Gostei. Lá no meu blog tem os post das caixas disponíveis aqui no Brasil, se quizer fazer uma visita ficarei feliz: