Tuesday, 8 May 2012

April Luxe box by Loose button

Good afternoon gentle viewers, 
Today I am going to tell you a story of a company called Loose Button (cute name right?).  I came across them one particularly lazy Sunday afternoon while I was flipping through Cosmo magazine.  They were advertising birchbox and when I googled birchbox they inform me its only available in the US.  So I google BirchBox Canada and Loose Button popped up.

That was over a year ago and they put me on a wait list. Bah! But when they finally allowed me to have my very own I signed up for a one year subscription.  That was last July (2010) and this is my 10th box from Loose button and let me tell you we have not always been friends.  There have been months of serious joy and months when I wanted to throw the box in the garbage.  

But for the past three months I feel as if I have been getting all the leftovers in my boxes.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a hold of them and they have disabled their wall on Facebook because of all the nasty comments they were getting on it.  So I said thats it!! I'm fed up! so I prayed to the Loose Button gods that I would get something decent or so help me, I'm getting on the TopBox waitlist!

What did I get? 

Well I will say this for them the packaging is cute but not as sturdy as Glossybox:

Made just for me? how lovely!  So inside they always have the product info card: 

Very cute card.  Now on to the goods:

.......... Meh.  Well lets pull them out and see what we are working with.

1. CHI Silk Fusion

Full Size: 180ml and retails for $33
Sample size: 15ml approx $2.75
This leave in reconstructing treatment enriched with pure natural silk, wheat, and soy proteins protects your hair against thermal styling and environmental damage while giving your hair increadible luster. Alcohol free, enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins.

So I was actually looking forward to trying this out because my sister said she uses this often.  Now when I opened it the first thing I noticed was that it smells amazing!! I don't even care if it does anything for my hair I want to smell like this always!!   On a side note I did try it and didn't really notice a difference.  Although I don't style my hair with thermal tools.

2.  Seche - Ridge Filling Base Coat

Full Size: 15ml and retails for $7
Sample Size: 3.8ml approx $1.77
Contains finely ground quartz crystals that work effectively to not only fill ridges in the nail plate, but also help disguise nail imperfections.  Seche base has an incomparable bonding ability and is specially formulated to give nail polish the best anchor to hold on to. 

Its pretty teeny compared to a full size bottle of polish.
Oh yay! a base coat for the nail polish junkie?  AND Julep Maven just sent me a top coat last week! I'm set!  I think I'll add this to my daily routine and pony up for the full size bottle.  As cute as that little one is its just under a quarter of the way gone after one use.  It glides on your nails and I did notice that it filled in my ridges once I had my nails painted.  Lovely!  
and what did I paint my nails with?

3. Essie Nail Polish: She's Picture Perfect 

Full Size: 15ml and retails for $8
Sample Size: FULL SIZE
Today Essie Nail Polish has grown to be one of the industry's most popular professional polish brands.  Due to Essie's long lasting formula, Essie nail polish has been worn by many celebrities including princess Kate Middelton on her wedding day.

Now that i'm looking at these pictures I think they don't really do the polish justice.  This is a fantastic colour!! I put this on last Thursday and its now Tuesday without a chip.  Its sort of a beautiful lilac shade and has a bit of a pink sheen in the light.  Gorgeous!  Thanks Loose Button!

4. Pantene Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo & Conditioner 

Full Size: 375ml each and retails for $6 each.
Sample Size: 50ml each approx $1.60 total 
Congratulations!  you have been selected to try the new Aqua Light Shampoo and conditioner from Pantene's professional hair care line.  The aqua light range has a lot of new innovative ways of achieving weightlessness, using things like water-soluble ingredients and light gel formulations.

Hmmm... how to put this nicely... the fact that Loose Button put Pantene in the boxes this month (something you can get for free in a P&G brandsampler), and then they disabled the wall on Facebook, had a lot of people canceling their subscriptions this month.  Now I will say this: I wasn't super impressed that this was in my box but it was the product responsible for the lovely smell when you opened it.  So what I will do is throw these in the back of the junk drawer for the next time I travel to Edmonton to see my dad.  Case Closed.  Don't do it again Loose Button.

So what do you think?
     Total Value of the Box: $14.12.
I Paid: $10 + tax

So all in all this was actually the first time in months I was pleased with my box!  Perhaps I will hold off on the TopBox wait list for a while at least.  I wasn't super impressed with the monetary value of the box but I was happy because these are things I will use a lot (I want to bathe in the CHI smell)

Now if you are interested, Loose button has subscriptions available for 1,3, and 6 months at a time for 12$/month or you can buy a full year for 120$.

Their referral program isn't working at the moment (I'm trying hard to give you a good review here Loose button, your not making it easy) so the website is: loosebutton.com 

Thanks for reading!  


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